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BODEM creates custom premium jute rugs — delivered to your doorstep within 3 weeks. Our made-to-order production prevents material waste, excess stock and overproduction. This way we only produce what is needed: the perfect fit for your home, because no interior is the same. Easy on the eyes and easy on the planet. 


Based in Amsterdam, BODEM takes its name from the Dutch word for soil, ground or base — referring to the soil our jute sprouts from, as well as how a rug offers a grounding layer of nature; the base of your home. Should you ever grow tired of your rug, it’s good to know that jute is naturally biodegradable. 


We are continuously taking steps to improve our value chain in order to reach our goals in becoming fully sustainable and zero-waste across all facets of our production chain. Find our key steps below; ask us anything if you’d like to learn more.


The jute plant absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen even faster than trees. It requires a modest amount of (rain) water and space to grow abundantly under the sun — leaving behind fertile soil for future harvest. 


BODEM rugs are handmade from premium jute which is naturally matte, soft and durable. Our skilled crafts(wo)men use time-tested traditional techniques to create a sturdy yet refined weave, with a soft footfall.


Your rug is shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging. We compensate any carbon emissions by planting the equivalent of your shipment in trees via Trees For All. 


Within 3 weeks, your custom jute rug arrives at your doorstep. The foundation of your interior — a natural base to find your footing. Read more about care here.

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