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BODEM rugs commits to made-to-order production rather than mass production. This way we produce only what is needed — no waste, no inventory of unsold goods, no overproduction and no unethical labor. If an item is not needed, it doesn’t get made. We believe custom-made is the way forward. 

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BODEM rugs are handwoven from premium raw jute, which is naturally matte, soft and durable. Also known as the golden fiber, jute is entirely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. The jute plant grows abundantly without the use of pesticides nor does it need much water or space. It even absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen faster than trees.

Design arm chair in minimalist interior design with a large round handmade sustainable natural fiber jute rug

Natural jute rugs,

custom made.

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Extra large natural area rug with neutral wooden design sofa in a minimlaist apartment interior design

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Wooden design chairs with custom made natural beige sustainable non-toxic ethically handmade jute area rug
Leather design chair with design wooden glass table and a custom made natral handmade organic biodegradable natural jute area rug
Yellow design arm chair with extra large natural eco friendly non toxic circular round jute rugs custom made in a minimlaist apartment interior